Hi everyone I am Marco.

Since I was very young I always wanted to discover the countless beauties that this world can offer.

I am Italian and brought up in Italy. Imagine how much beauty this country has to offer!

My family couldn't afford to spend money travelling but also they didn't know how to and mainly they had no curiosity at all to visit places  (due to their backgrounds) , thinking that was unimportant and you needed too much money to do that, even for a just a cultural day trip visit to any of the beautiful Italian cities or towns we have in my country.

So over time my soul started longing to get out there and soaking in the beauty and the importance for the soul to widen the views of the world, even if it wasn't very far.  So when I had the chance ( and some little money )  my interest and curiosity began to take shape. I know I haven't been everywhere around the world, but places I have been I will always cherish them deep in my heart. For this reason I would like to share them with you so you could get inspired and motivate to go and visit and experience the places I have released in this blog.


For any question please email me : marco_ino@yahoo.co.uk